Lost 2.20: Am I Shot Or Not?

Spoilers follow. Also note that my Hanso Foundation entry is rather popular thanks to the increased advertising and new website. Update: Also see DCeiver’s Pompatus of LOST 2.20.

Having known in advance about rumors of casting changes and their implications for certain aspects of the plot of “Two for the Road,” the sex and guns were not entirely unexpected, but still quite shocking when they did culminate. It’s slightly annoying to know that real world cast issues dictate the story: DUI charges and personal friction mean that Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby, and (if the spoiler rumors are true) an aging child actor means that Hanso/Dharma science will accelerate Walt’s aging.

Update: See LOST Television Bloodbath 2006 for more on that.

But it’s at least good to know that Ana Lucia made her peace and resolved her gun issues. And did not have sex with Jack’s dad, which would have been just gross.

Michael obviously didn’t mean to shoot Libby. I guess the lesson here is — don’t fall in love on the island, or the girl dies. It happened to Shannon, it happened to Libby, it happened to Ana Lucia (if you can call the mad gun rut with Sawyer “love”), so I guess Kate is next. Good thing Charlie and Claire broke up, thus sparing Clare.

On the other hand, Libby might not be dead. They wouldn’t do that huge “HEY LOOK LIBBY WAS IN THE PSYCH WARD WITH HURLEY” revelation, then just let her die, would they? And she was carrying those blankets, possibly with something behind them. I have a feeling she’ll still be alive next episode — at least long enough to tell the Hatchlings about Michael and maybe tell Hurley her mental secret.

A few hanging questions: Michael shot himself in the arm to make it look like Other Henry Gale shot him and the women, but did he then shoot Other Henry Gale, or free him, or just leave him tied up? Is Michael an Other now? And was Other Henry Gale really coming to get Good John Locke, or was he just sowing seeds of doubt, exercising his penchant for Locke-manipulation?

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