I’ve lived wthout TV for almost four years, and I’m glad for it. One day, when I move into a new home, I may not get a TV at all. If I do, it will occupy a minor and non-obtrusive position in the household.

Curry tells us that blogs are better than TV. I read it in a weblog, so it must be true.


  1. wayne says:

    When I get my own home there will be one TV and one TV only in the house — in the family room.

  2. May says:

    Haw :P My house has 4 TVs. My room, my sissy’s room, upstairs (which is generally my parents’ room) and the living room.

    It’s kinda creepy, but look at it this way: They’re (respectively) 9 yrs old, 6-7 yrs old, 15 (or so) yrs old and the one in the living room is brand new, but we got it in an auction in over half the original price. So it’s really just stuff we kinda had over the years…

  3. Wendy says:

    I don’t watch tv anymore. I’m always online. That’s what happens when your boyfriend lives in CA and you live in FL. Heh.