LOST 3.10-3.12: Dharma Van, Football, Star Wars

Spoilers ahead. Close your eyes!

Previously on LOST, Hurley found a Vee Dub in the woods, got it running with help from Charlie, Sawyer, and Jin, then drove it off frame with a swell of music. The next episode, he’s playing table tennis with Sawyer and doesn’t even mention the van. What happened to it? Did it run out of gas? Did he park it by the beach? Did he unpimp ze auto?

And did you notice that Hurley’s latest “Dad and the Carburetor” flashback made a big deal out of the “You make your own luck” platitude, with a subtle de-emphasis on the Cursed Numbers? I get the impression the writers are backing off from the whole “The Numbers are Bad” subplot, which has been blown all out of proportion ever since that first season Hurley episode about the lottery.

Sayid, Kate, Rousseau, and Locke (listed in order of perceived sanity) go off to rescue Jack from the Island Suburb of Otherville Barracks, blowing up the Flame communications station and getting Mikhail to go all West Side Old School on Ms. Klugh in the process. (First you have Michael and Walt leaving, then Eko getting killed by Stompy, then this. LOST island really doesn’t like black people, does it? Bernard better keep an eye on Rose.) Then you have the sonic pulse fence killing Mikhail, and Jack playing football. Football!

Oh, and of course if LOST were Star Wars, you would have Jack as Luke, Claire as Leia, and Christian Shepard as Darth Vader. I guess that makes Charlie … Han Solo? Which means Ethan is Greedo, because we all know who shoots first.

Tonight’s episode: Locke blows up a submarine with Ben’s blessing. Possible super mega ultra major spoilers here. Could be right, could be wrong, but at least the show seems to be recovering from its slow slump. I hear Cousin Oliver Paulo is going to get shot in the head, which I don’t mind at all, since that ensures my continued search results supremacy over him and a whole bunch of other Paulos.