Lost 2.09

So did you all go googling for the story of King Josiah when Eko mentioned it? Are you all dusting off your bibles for the “Eko recites Psalm 23” episode? Hey, if it gets you into your bibles and studying the Word, that’s got to be some good TV.

[spoilers, highlight to read]Finally, more hatch action, more Kate, more Sawyer, more Marvin Candle, more mystery and more of the kissy kissy! It all comes back to the survivors having visions and hearing whispers relating to past guilt. Remember the boar as a channel for Sawyer’s guilt over killing the wrong man back in Australia? Now Sawyer is a channel for Kate’s own guilt over killing her father. It seems that the island draws out these deep-seated traumas and makes them materially real, probably via the aforementioned nanotech mechanisms which create the security system black smoke monster and produce visions (or reanimations?) of the departed.

Also revealed in this episode: the Island Network features chat! I like this guy’s take on the Hatch as allegory for the Garden of Eden, with the computer being the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And Island Network Chat is the Fruit of Temptation. And Walt is the Serpent. And Michael is Eve. Or something.

I close with yet another Lost Analogy Comprehension Quiz Question — Kate Austin is to Richard Kimble as Edward Mars is to:

(a) Sawyer

(b) Samuel Gerard

(c) Enkidu’s Friend

(d) Brill Lyle

Update: Go over to Alvar Hanso’s page and click on his photo. Also check out this HD screencap from the army office. See anyone familiar on TV?