Lost 2.06

This week’s “Lost” Comprehension Quiz is an analogy question. Please circle the correct answer:

Dumbledore is to Shannon as Snape is to:

(a) Sayid

(b) Walt

(c) Ana Lucia

(d) Voldemort

Some quick notes from Wednesday’s Lost episode, “Abandoned,” which mostly failed to sustain my interest. Spoilers follow; highlight to read.

  • We don’t see Jack, Kate, Dharma Initiative, Hanso Foundation, Marvin “One Hand Clapping” Candle, or The Hatch. Not once. Hurley and Rose only mention the hatch in passing because she prefers line-drying clothes in the sun to using the time-displaced washer and dryer.
  • For someone convinced that The Hatch and The Button are the stuff of fate, faith, hope, and destiny every 108 minutes, Locke sure doesn’t seem to be spending a lot of time down there. I know they’re having alternating shifts with the other survivors and all (I guess this episode was Jack and Kate’s shift), but Locke seems to be back to business as usual, wandering the beach as Wise Old Mystic Island Shaman Who Swaddles Crying Babies.
  • By the way, Locke is crummy at intervention. “So, uh, let’s play some backgammon … YOU DRUG ADDICT!”
  • A very trigger-happy Ana Lucia shot Shannon. She made the Iraqi guy angry. But on the up side, Nadia now has no competition.
  • Lesson learned: when HallucinoWalt says “be quiet,” do not run off into the woods.
  • And speaking of HallucinoWalt, the Whispers in the Woods make a return in this episode. We know from Sawyer’s experience that the Whispers can be drawn from one’s own thoughts, and now from this episode that the Whispers are a sign that someone’s about to disappear or die. This could mean The Others have some kind of telepathic affinity towards people on the island. Or it’s possible that they just have sore throats.

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