Cache Clearing

Sitting on my computer desktop at home I have a little text file which I use as a scratch pad for notes, journal posts, to-do lists, copy-pasting, and other such things in need of quick mental buffering. It has been filling up with incomplete weblog entries lately, so it’s time to hunker down and dump the cache, just to get these unfinished thoughts and links out of the way in a messy and disorganized yet cathartic fashion.

Garver on “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ.

Holy Office on “spiritual but not religious” cliché.

Aaron abandons presuppositionalism as an exclusive apologetic method. I’ve never been comfortable myself with a philosophy of faith which begins by begging the question.

A bit old, but important: InternetMonk’s Christian Humanism category. What I like about his specific approach to the faith is the implication that the centrality of Christ’s incarnation directly addresses the age-old dialectic between “spirit” (pneuma) and “flesh” (sarx) which for years has caused Christians to either lean to the gnostic error of equating the physical with evil and the spiritual with good, or to descend into hedonistic antinomianism excused by unconditional forgiveness. In the Incarnation, both spirit and flesh are glorified, with the promise of a Resurrection which unites both in a future kingdom without sin.

Mary, Mary.

More on MARC “Soviet Russia” posters.

Review of Boogie Nights, which I watched and found gritty and intriguing, but less than satisfying for its portrayal of redemption at the end.

The Dane on democracy and manifest destiny.

Comment spammer tries to gloss over his own failure with bluster that his program was too successful. I’ve said it before: spam makes money, but it still can’t buy brains or morals. Refer also to Spammers, Stickers, Shirts.

Shark-shaped shark cage.

An “intelligent” debate with Sassy Lawyer on Roman Catholicism and intelligent design in Kansas.

That is all for now. Thank you.


  1. scully says:

    I love the shark-shaped shark cage. Especiallly the name of one of them: Sushi I

  2. deebeedee says:

    Have you tried using MacJournal? I use it to keep all my notes, entries, to-do lists, etc. in one place. Of course, it doesn’t help me in getting them published or done. It just keeps them organized in their untouched state. :)

    (I just found out it’s no longer freeware – it’s still a good product though)