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BASH Bible Bot Battle

Funny chat transcript from a Christian IRC channel. (For those unfamiliar with IRC lingo, someone got the moderator bot to kick out the Bible bot by having it quote KJV Num 22:21 to the channel. Apparently “ass” is a kickable keyword.)

World War 2 Memorial

The World War II Memorial on the National Mall is open. I’m on my way there now. Pictures at 11. Update, 10:56pm: Photos here. Update, 11:40pm, some impressions: The National WWII Memorial sits at the Eastern end of the Reflecting Pool, where the Rainbow Pool used to be, between Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. […]

RIP, Nick Joaquin

Filipino author Nick Joaquin has died. We read excerpts from Occasional Notes On The Process Of Philippine Becoming in high school, and The Woman Who Had Two Navels in college, and got to see him speak once in Ateneo, on stage with his cooler of beer. Yet another national treasure passes on.

Non-Bombs and Pants

I emerged from the Union Station Metro last night to flashing lights and milling, murmuring crowds, as security personnel called out, “the station is being evacuated.” “There’s been a bomb threat, bomb threat,” said a homeless man at the doors, as others sighed, “a fire, a power outage, a bomb threat, now how will I […]

Photolog Folly

When I first started my photolog in July of 2002, I had a Ten Years of My Life kind of strategy in mind, limiting myself to just one photo a day. I’m not sure why, but I got it into my head to simply use a modified Movabletype template date tag to call the images, […]


Add to the list of CSS syntax bits I never knew about because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the documentation: the background-repeat property. I knew about the repeat and no-repeat values, but repeat-x and repeat-y are new to me, and should be quite useful for making Faux Columns and other image-backgrounded layouts without […]

“Blood, I’m Afraid.”

The Slacktivist has some excellent running commentary on Left Behind and its implications for Christianity and faith with its pulp treatment of eschatology, doctrine, and fiction. It’s not just bad writing or rapture-obsessed dispensational premillenialism that’s the issue here: there’s something wrong with LaHaye and Jenkins’ characters, the manner in which they conduct themselves, the […]

On Unitarian Ground

Saturday night, Amy and I watched La Fenice play early baroque music — that’s the best kind of music — at Baltimore First Unitarian. Wonderful polyphonies from Monteverdi, Rossi, and others, all played on authentic instruments like the cornetto and the viola da gamba. It was also our first time inside a Unitarian church. We […]

Station Lighting

One of many globe lamps lining the walls of the Baltimore Penn Station concourse. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.