CVS Brats

About 9am this morning: four boys, early teeners, Hispanic-looking, wait outside CVS Dupont Circle, sitting on the rails near the entrance. When you exit the store, one of them will come up to you with a $5 bill and ask you, “Excuse me, sir, can you go back and buy me a patch, I can’t go in there, and I really need it,” then, as you splutter for some kind of meaningful response, his three cohort brats from the sidelines will start laughing — pretty forced, throaty, kiddy cartoony laughs, actually — at your discomfiture. They will keep laughing at you from there even as you walk away in annoyance, and they will try to make sure that their high-pitched, broken-voiced kid laughs carry as far as possible down P St.

Well, I guess it’s a bit more savvy than rocks.


  1. Roy Jacobsen says:

    Take the money and buy something else, preferrably something for little kids like a coloring book. Or maybe a “My Little Pony” toy. Then give it to them and say, “Sorry, I must not have heard you right.”

    Oh, and be sure to keep the change.

  2. Raffy says:

    You should’ve said, “Why don’t you take those five dollars and buy yourself a couple of two-dollar hookers? Oh, I forgot, your mom and sister are busy this week.”

    I would, if I weren’t such a coward. ;-)