“Bilbo Baggins deleted himself.”

Middle Earth as MMPORG. From past playings of Avatar MUD and Legend of the Red Dragon, I can attest to the need for Level 1 Newbies to go out into the forest and kill rats and squirrels in droves for a few days before they can get to the major league. That’s to get you acquainted with the delicious flavor of ennui-inducing repetition of which most MMPORGs are composed. Perhaps it’s to keep fanfic-writing players from capitalizing on their adventures to write bestselling fiction.

Link found via Ipse Dixit who in turn found it via Ami- Amygdalg- Amygdalaf- Gary. More discussion in this MeFi thread.


  1. Gary Farber says:

    Thanks muchly for the link. If I might gently point out, however, “Amygdalaf” is neither an English word, nor the name of my blog. What did you think it means? :-)

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    Thanks again for the link. Hope you might find something else there of interest or amusement if you keep hitting that scroll key.

  2. Paulo says:

    My apologies, Gary. I apear to have fallen prey to Web User’s Transient Stupiditis while crediting the link. I am now using your first name, to avoid further embarassment.

  3. Gary Farber says:

    We are your brain.

    Not on drugs.


    Nice little blog you got here, by the way. Be a shame if anything were to… happen to it.


    (Call me “Gary,” call me “smart-ass,” just don’t call me late for dinner.)