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New Year Scrooge

I really don’t enjoy firecrackers, loud parties, excessive drinking, or New Year’s resolutions, which I suppose makes me a New Year Scrooge. Tonight I plan to give the New Year all the attention I feel it deserves by sleeping through midnight. So bugger off, 2002. I can’t say I’m sad to see you gone. Humbug.

Back! Back! Back!

Wayne Whitmer, who is now back, tells me that being Reformed is good for his butt. (He meant “posterity,” but said “posterior.”) Rhesa, who I met in San Francisco, is back with Creative Slips, now at its own domain. Bene Diction, who I think has seen better days, is now back, and he has a […]

Free Mi!

I don’t think it can be stressed enough how important blogs are as content-filters for the overwhelming mass of information on the web. A decent OS X freeware text editor with syntax highlighting and FTP access, for example, is near impossible to find; but then, thanks to them, I found mi. (Update: It says “getting […]

Gloria pulls a Gore

Gloria pulls a Gore, and says she won’t run in 2004. (That kinda rhymes.) Me, I’m wary. Like Dave Barry.

Silly heretics.

paulo ordoveza yung founder na nasa baltimore USA kawawa ang mo kumag ka!!! damayan na lahat lahatin na!!! mga sucker kayo mother father kayo lahat!!! That post to the The Bereans’ guestbook was followed by a sudden flood of mailing list subscriptions sent to my email address, along with a single abusive text message […]

Someone set him up the bomb.

The giant Marcos-head in the mountains was blown up. How cathartic. Would that the problems that history has wrought on the Philippines were quite as easy to demolish. Update: Communist insurgents say they did it. More from Cheesedip, including a before/after shot from BBC. Aside: I disagree with Lia that the Filipino penchant for constantly […]

Archibald Lampman

“The evening deepens, and the gray Folds closer earth and sky; The world seems shrouded far away; Its noises sleep, and I, As secret as yon buried stream, Plod dumbly on, and dream.” – From “Snow,” by Archibald Lampman. (Yeah, I know it’s a bit late for that, since all the Christmas snow here in […]

Travel Log: Christmas in San Francisco

Day 1: Travel MARC train to Washington DC, Metro to National Airport, walk around terminal wondering where the ATA desk is, walk the entire length of the airport to Old Terminal A, be told that ATA desk isn’t open yet, walk back to Terminal B, eat a too-sweet Cinnabon with a too-flat iced mocha, walk […]

Lunch at Valerie’s

It was an engaging afternoon at Valerie’s today, as she, Joel, Laurel, Sarah, Daniel, and I lunched on sandwiches and salad as we discussed philosophy, theology, tech talk, and many other things too unspeakable to blog about. They’re all bonzer folk, they are, and I had a great time with them all. And I think […]

Flanking Martin

Oh, and here’s a photo from after Martin’s wedding. The happy groom is in the center, flanked by friends from through the years. I’m the fashionable odd man out.