Pencam Mini 1.3MP SD

Well, folks, after a day out shopping with Valerie, the new Pencam is in the house. It’s a newer model, the Pencam 1.3 SD. Unlike it’s hardwired-flash-memory predecessor, the 1.3 SD lets you save photos to a SD flash card, one advantage of which is that I don’t have to struggle with Macam anymore. (Of course, I had to buy a 32MB flash card and reader, but the extra expense was definitely worth it. In keeping with the Trek-villains theme, the SD card is named “Khan.”)

Image quality on this baby seems better, and though the 1.3 SD is a bit larger and heavier than the older Mini, it’s easier to point and shoot, and the buttons are positioned so that your fingers have less chance of getting in the way. Lookin’ good.

And so, without further ado, I present to you my first new pencam entry in the photolog, a picture of our favorite cat:

jasp 0017