Segway: $5K?!

I want a Segway. I really do. It’s my dream-ride, since I can’t drive, I walk a lot, and most of my destinations are within 3 miles of my home — too close for a car trip, but a bit too far to walk.

But $4,950. is just too much to pay. Such an exorbitant price nearly guarantees that the Segway will remain little more than a toy for the techie elite, rather than the revolutionary new mode of mainstream transportation that Dean Kamen envisioned it to be.


  1. Kyriosity says:

    Paulo, you ARE the techie elite. You just aren’t the RICH techie elite! ;^D

  2. Dave Nat says:

    I had the chance to take one for a test spin last month, and I was impressed. I imagined how easy Manhattan, Chicago,or Toronto would be to zip around with one of the things. If municipalities allow them on sidewalks, they just might catch on once they get the price down to $3k.

  3. Tim says:

    Me too man. I want to zip around campus on one listening to my iPod.