Lunch at Valerie’s

It was an engaging afternoon at Valerie’s today, as she, Joel, Laurel, Sarah, Daniel, and I lunched on sandwiches and salad as we discussed philosophy, theology, tech talk, and many other things too unspeakable to blog about. They’re all bonzer folk, they are, and I had a great time with them all.

And I think rural American courtship rituals scare me.

Photos start here, and more from Joel.


  1. Kyriosity says:

    What’s scary about American courtship rituals is that there’s no such animal. Everybody and his brother has his own idea of how things should be done so that the very thing that’s expected as proper behavior by some folks is anathema to others. Personally, I’ve no strong convictions about how such things should be done, but I wish we could all agree to pick one and stick with it. Not that it would do me any good!

  2. laurel says:

    Darn, no one told me about the dress code–guys in blue, gals in red. :-(

    I’m sorry I missed your impressions of Worf, but little miss crankypants (aka baby Claire) needed to go home.

  3. Theo says:


    Thanks for posting those pictures. It is nice to be able to connect faces with names, and I’ve been reading Garver and Kyriosity for YEARS. And I can believe you study web design. Your site is very well done. May God bless your life and work.