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Today I made a Flash interface for a production house website; my first real Flash project! It’s still all just dummy text, but the links work, and there’s even music! (8kbps, 22050Hz, Mono music, but still music!) Wanna see it? Update, 2006: The site has been redesigned by a different designer. I wash my hands […]

Cremation and Burial

I was just wondering about the morality of cremation from a Christian perspective, and I found an excellent position paper on it here, by a pastor from Grace Presbyterian. As I wonder about this, my reflections constantly acknowledge the fact that the Christian faith is not entirely about rituals and customs and traditions; not so […]

StorTrooper index

Ladies and gents, I now present, for your viewing pleasure, Index… Number… Seven!!! Clap, clap, clap. Like the trooper layout? :)

Morning Envy

Today is another hot, muggy, brown-skied day in Manila. How I wish I could enjoy a morning like this.

Darker Brown

I’m back. I’m darker brown now! This dumb web host is being slow again! I may move soon!

Index 6

The sixth index page is up. Like the picture? That’s the view of Manila from my sixth-floor apartment window — doctored a bit. A saddening note: “Well…I’ll be blogged” is gone. I hardly knew her, and I’ll miss her writing. I did want to email Dani, but I could never find her email address on […]

Rats and the Dalai Lama

For some strange reason, this is one of the most depressing news items I’ve ever read in my life. I already feel bad for Tiff that she dreams about nothing but work. Rats, too? The Dalai Lama condemns religious conversions to Christianity and Islam? “I always believe it’s safer and better and reasonable to keep […]

Nailguns and Wasabi

This poor, poor guy. Sawing off your own hand is horrible enough, and nail-gunning yourself in the head doesn’t help any, even to end the agony. Wasabi toothpaste, anyone? I get my wasabi from squeezable tubes; I’d better be careful which one I buy when this comes out. You never know what you’re putting on […]

The Borrowed Scanner

I have a scanner! It’s an old Artec photo scanner from my brother, and not too classy, but certainly more than enough for my needs. You can look forward to more photos next week. And index6.shtml is now in the works. (I never realized how quickly you can slap together a layout when the copy […]

JetGrrrl and Canola Oil

Hey, look! Somebody wowed me! Glad you liked it, Jett. :) Those of you who get email forwards about the various evils of canola oil, read this.