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Fourth of July Weekend in NJ/NYC

Fourth of July in New Jersey presented an opportunity to test out how well Google Glass captures fireworks. It was pretty fun to be able to record video while also looking at the explosions rather than checking a screen constantly. (With thanks to brother-in-law Bob for driving us to Nomahegan Park to see the show.) […]

Thanksgiving 2013

We drove up to New Jersey to celebrate Thanksgiving with Amy’s family, leaving early Thanksgiving morning to be on the road behind the previous evening’s rush. The drive was mostly up I-95, arriving in time for the dog show and Thanksgiving dinner. Ever since our Thanksgiving Tenement Museum weekend the following Friday has become a […]

Thanksgiving 2012

We drove up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. Our last experience on Amtrak had been a crowded mess, and I wanted to see if the drive up I-95 was any better. It was not. We left at 5AM and even that early the beltway was stressful. The New Jersey Turnpike was a monotonous […]

NY/NJ for President’s Day

We’re at the New York Academy of Art for The Ones, an exhibit of work by alumni from 1991, 2001, and 2011. Amy’s turn to show work should be in five years for The Sixes, if this pattern keeps up. Studio tours follow, with Canadian student Cory Dixon showing us around. Lots of ecorches about, […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

Full photoset here. We went to New Jersey last weekend to spend Thanksgiving with Amy’s family, and to witness the baptism of her brother Bob.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Full photoset here. NYC locals and tour guides have recommended walking the Brooklyn Bridge and ending in Brooklyn to have pizza at Grimaldi’s, though in our case we wanted to end up in Chinatown and have dim sum. So, going against the normal tourist flow on a warm morning last month, we headed for High […]


Columbus Day Weekend Trains: Nine minutes of video shot with my phone from various trains we rode through the holiday weekend: the Amtrak Northeast Regional, an NJ Transit commuter between Elizabeth and Penn Station, and the subways of New York. Gets a bit loud in places.

New York Saturday

We spent Saturday in New York to check out art in Chelsea and meet up with a friend. (Sorry to all our other New York friends, there was really no time for all of you wonderful people!) Here’s some of the art we looked at in Chelsea: Thomas Connolly’s New York landscapes Dan Witz’s In […]


We went up to New York City Saturday afternoon, lunching at Soba Nippon and checking out the art at NY MoMA. This was my first time visiting MoMA, and oy, what a crowd. But the mess of people (a more yuppie-ish art-viewing audience than one would see at the Metropolitan Museum or National Gallery, by […]

NJ/NYC Aug 2008

Amy and I spent the weekend up in the NJ/NYC area, shopping for clothes and picnicking in Clinton on Saturday, and bussing up to New York after church on Sunday. We met up with Marc and Kate for dim sum in Chinatown, and originally had planned to check out the MoMA or Guggenheim, but having […]