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Baltimore Aquarium

Amy and I took a train up to Baltimore on Saturday to drop off a painting for 15×15, so while we were in town we took a few hours to drop by the Aquarium. I had unfortunately forgotten my camera, so I was limited to my phone, but it sufficed for photos and lots of […]

Old Baltimore Snowstorm Video

Another snowy video uploaded: this one from three years ago, while I was in Baltimore during the President’s Day snowstorm that dumped over two feet of snow on the city in February of 2003. I was living in a little townhouse in Little Italy at the time, and while snowed in, amused myself by building […]

Photo Retrospective: Baltimore (plus bad poetry)

Oh Baltimore, sweet Baltimore! My home for a year, oh Baltimore! For my future and life, in you I put stock, On my first night there, I stumbled into The Block.* Little Italy was home, an artist’s townhouse that leaked In winter it froze, in summer it reeked. Yet it had cats, and a lovely […]

On Unitarian Ground

Saturday night, Amy and I watched La Fenice play early baroque music — that’s the best kind of music — at Baltimore First Unitarian. Wonderful polyphonies from Monteverdi, Rossi, and others, all played on authentic instruments like the cornetto and the viola da gamba. It was also our first time inside a Unitarian church. We […]

Inner Harbor Goes Wireless

Baltimore Inner Harbor to get free wi-fi. It sounds great at first to be able to walk down to the sunny Harbor, sit down on benches around the historic ships or the World Trade Center building, and get high speed wireless internet for free; but are you willing to whip out a laptop or PDA […]

Storms and Froth

Nasty thunderstorms in the area affected the MARC, causing systemwide track signal outages on both Camden and Penn lines, along with fallen trees and at least one freight derailment. All that added up to a 3 hour commute home from Washington today, on a Camden Line train which limped along the darkened rails at scarcely […]


Every Satuday morning, I cross the road to buy a loaf of bread from Piedigrotta, a quaint little bakery on the outskirts of Little Italy. The baker Antonio and his wife Bruna are wonderful people; and just standing in that little shop, smelling the heady scent of freshly baked bread, it brings a smile to […]

TechBalt, Pop2Blog, and Theremins

This is really belated, but TechBalt had a Sunspot story last month. Adam emailed me to say they’re about 200 people strong now, and are making progress towards purchasing houses on the first block they’ve picked. Will this transform Baltimore? On the mobile side, thanks to a tip from Jesper, my moblog concerns may soon […]

Italian Pictures

Yesterday, Amy and I walked over to the Italian Cultural Center in Mount Vernon to look at James Hennessey’s Italian Pictures, a series of drawings and paintings of Italy, by one of her old professors at MICA. There were several pieces hung on walls in three large rooms, all of them expressive and beautiful, some […]

More Snow Photos

The trip back from work involved no small amount of slipping and sliding, and a freezing wade through knee-deep snow covering the as-of-yet unplowed Front Street near the Shot Tower subway station. But I did get more photos of the snowstorm’s aftermath, and my classmate Rame has more pictures from a trek around Baltimore with […]