Italian Pictures

Yesterday, Amy and I walked over to the Italian Cultural Center in Mount Vernon to look at James Hennessey’s Italian Pictures, a series of drawings and paintings of Italy, by one of her old professors at MICA. There were several pieces hung on walls in three large rooms, all of them expressive and beautiful, some hauntingly so.

Afterward, we window-shopped around Inner Harbor, strolled to Little Italy, took a quick look at my place, settled down at Cafe Di Roma on Eastern Ave for cappuccino and cookies, then headed back to her apartment to watch MBFGW and three episodes of Invader Zim with her roommates.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t find MBFGW as funny, not because it wasn’t a well-made comedy, but because many aspects of Greek ethnic life (e.g. huge extended families, roasting large animals on open spits, Windex, etc.) had strong parallels with my experiences growing up Filipino, so the cultural anachronisms weren’t quite so shockingly alien to me. Still, a cute and fun movie. Oh, and now I’m a major Invader Zim fan. What a cool cartoon. I need to see if Nickelodeon still shows reruns.

All in all, a very fun day.