Crisis Links 2/23

Lots of modern media and art links from Crisis Century class last Thursday; so many that I almost suffered from Information Overload. Here’s a few:

ACCEPT. Artist Perry Hoberman’s collection of satirical user interface alerts. OK/Cancel is extra-funny, and the copyright infringement windows are like nothing else.

Craig Baldwin: Spectres of the Spectrum. Amazing piece of docu-drama on media history, packaged as campy post-apocalyptic cut-and-paste science fiction movie. As psychic rebels Yogi and Boo Boo fight the dastardly plans of the New Electromagnetic Order, the viewer is taken on a strange romp through the history of modern media’s movers and shakers. Lots of interesting trivia and insight. Deserves a blog entry of its own in the near future.

Russian Ark. A movie about the Hermitage, a palace in Russia, all taken in a single 90-minute shot. I’ll most definitely need to catch that when it comes out at The Charles.

The Wartime Project. Anti-war reflections and reactions by various net artists. (Note that I remain undecided on the Iraq War issue, and choose not to formulate any opinion on it as a political issue until I am more informed.)

Plus, a couple of exhibitions in Europe:

Foto Biennale Rotterdam.