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links for 2005-06-30

GetReligion: Tom Cruise may be an OTVII scientologist. (tags: cults) DC Navigator. Weblog on getting around DC. (tags: dc blogs) David Heddle on creationists, evolutionists, the bible, science and cosmological ID. (tags: faith science) BMX Park. Flash stunt bike game. (tags: flash games)

Another Small-Plane Scare

(Capitol Hill Police uploaded by brownpau.) A squad of police cars converged on this Capitol parking lot as I was walking home from the Metro, and a group of what looked like hill staffers were milling around the Senate Garage Fountain. No one looked too alarmed, however, and I figured — correctly — that this […]

links for 2005-06-29

Airborne Cats. (tags: animals photos) Housing Price-to-Income Ratio as a Way to Measure Maximum Local Affordability. From Ben Engebreth. (tags: realestate) Tetka falls through the bubbles. Rather disturbing, strangely hypnotic. You can click and drag her, too. (tags: flash)

Google Maps does the Philippines

By the way, I’m not sure when they did it, but Google Maps has added most of the rest of the world to their satellite imagery, with some choice high-resolution spots right in the Philippines. Here’s Metro Manila, though most of it is sadly blurry, at not as high a resolution as other world locations. […]

Google Earth

Google Earth is out, a fun and easy way to browse the globe, zooming in and out on satellite imagery sharp enough to distinguish people on the ground. 3D representations of buildings are also available, and various overlays, like road names, subway stops, even names of commercial establishments. Pretty amazing. Take a look at how […]

Gloria Apologizes

So Gloria apologized in a public address, owning up to being the voice on the tapes, but not that these necessarily indicate election fraud, and that she is not resigning. Along my line of thought that history is repeating itself, I’m reminded somewhat of Erap’s address before Edsa II, where he made a public address […]

links for 2005-06-28

AKMA: Why I am not a “liberal.” “My humanism is always conditioned by my theocentricity.” (tags: faith) Major League Baseball: Official Rules. (tags: sport) Why Bertrand Russell Was Not A Christian. “It should be pointed out in passing that Russell’s pontifications about history have all the characteristics of the dogmatic religious narrowness and bigoted ignorance […]

links for 2005-06-27

FraudFrond. Paying homage to stealth cellphone towers badly disguised as trees. (tags: fun telecom)

Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2005

(Smithsonian Folklife Festival: Oman uploaded by brownpau.) I braved the sweltering heat today to check out the Folklife Festival on the National Mall, featuring exhibits on the Forest Service, Oman, and American Food Culture. Most of the stuff was closed by the time I arrived, but I still got to hear some Latino beats, browse […]

Rent Goes Up

Just got my annual rent “adjustment” letter from management, adding $70 to my current rent starting in a month. It was more than I expected. Another increase like this without any other changes to my finances, and I’ll have effectively been priced out of this city. In other possibly related news, all personal reading has […]