Hillsong United/Reuben Morgan Spam

Why no, “Ultradust,” I’d never heard of Hillsong United or Reuben Morgan (note: nofollow applied to link) before, until you pasted your unsolicited promotion into my comments (now deleted and blacklisted), for tickets to a concert I can’t even go to since it’s in the Philippines and I’m in Washington, DC. What did you do: just google for Filipino Christian blogs which you assumed would all be in Metro Manila? Thanks a lot; now whenever someone mentions Hillsong United, and Reuben Morgan to me, I’ll think of clueless weblog comment spam before anything else. What a great mental association to form.

Also see Spamhuntress on “Christian” spam. More in this entry’s comments.


  1. Spamhuntress says:

    Hillsong is actually quite nice. But you don’t have to go to the Philippines to listen. Any satellite dish or DVD player will do. Even a broadband net connection. Hillsong is actually a church in Australia, and their brand of music has mostly taken over progressive churches all over the world. We’ve got at least two churches in Oslo with that style of music.

    Have you ever heard Matt Redman? Comes from the Hillsong church. His Facedown CD is well worth listening to if you’re into praise and worship music with a rock beat.

    And no, this wasn’t meant as spam. Look, no links?

  2. Paulo says:

    Thanks for the info, Spamhuntress. Yes, I’ve heard Matt Redman a few times. Now, even with links that wouldn’t be spam, since it’s directly related to the topic — unless it was all viagra-mortgage-poker links. :P

  3. daniel says:

    Yeah, I got the Hillsong/Reuben Morgan comment too. At least I got to test the spam-preventing feature of my new WordPress blog. :)