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Snowy Spring

Fifteen minutes ago it was bright, brisk, clear, and sunny. Now it’s snowing like a blizzard out there. Crazy, crazy weather.

On Losing One’s Head

What’s it like to get your head chopped off? Historical evidence suggests (albeit inconclusively) that consciousness and muscular control can persist for up to half a minute after the blade falls. Unless, of course, you happen to be Mike the Headless Chicken.

Taming CSS Lists

Hark back to Taming CSS Lists (on ALA, by Newhouse) to catch up on the latest versatilities (e.g. Zeldman and Pilgrim’s cool new navigation menus) afforded by basic HTML list tags, used in tandem with CSS.

Be Happy!

I have happy news for you: Bobby McFerrin is alive and well, and has not committed suicide, contrary to any urban legends you may have heard to that effect. So don’t worry, be happy.


Today was a dull, boring, lonely, passionless day. I barely left my room except to eat and do the laundry, and I found myself unable to produce any kind of creative or technical work. In fact, I had trouble producing anything more coherent than simple sentences. Okay, I’m going to stop this entry before I […]

Emotionalism in Worship

“Rampant Addiction to Emotionalism Discovered in Much of the Western World!” says Jason. Do emotionally charged church services — contemporary or otherwise — help or hinder our worship of God? Do we sometimes find ourselves going to church because it just feels good to worship God, rather than because it is right to give Him […]

Regime Change at CNN

(Image shamelessly ganked from DefectiveYeti for posterity.) Breaking Headline News: Regime Change Effected at CNN as their new font sizes inspire shock and awe. Plus, blogs are making news. Even Kim Jong Il, Osama, and Saddam are blogging.


Classes end in about a month: the second of May, with grad commencement coming in mid-May. In those four weeks between now and May, I have to finish: – Two Flash-based interactive pieces for Batts, one a nonlinear narrative and the other an interactive artwork of my choice. – A research-based presentation on the history […]

Why there are no Programmers’ Dramas

All day long he had been working with a function which used “printf” commands to produce output from a database query. Simple and effective, but it meant that he was locked into one layout everytime he called that function, and if he needed the data displayed in another format, he would have to make another […]