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PicPedant Coverage

PicPedant (previously) now has over 11,000 followers, and the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of interesting media exposure. In addition to the first interviews with ExposedDC and Buzzfeed, I had an interview on NPR’s TLDR podcast with Alex Goldman, alongside Adrienne LaFrance: And shortly afterward I appeared on BBC World to do […]


@PicPedant Exposed DC Interview Slate story on viral pic accounts mentions PicPedant on page 2 Buzzfeed: 14 Incredible But Fake Viral Images – And The Twitter Account Debunking The Picspammers (by Tom Phillips) There’s a certain class of Twitter users who post nothing but pictures, calling themselves names like “HistoryPics”, “EarthPix”, “SpacePorn”, and such. They’ve […]

We Love DC

I had stopped writing for DC Metroblogging earlier this year, at a point when my posting frequency was down to about once a month and my work/home life simply did not give me time for it. There was no drama or conflict involved, just simple quiet lapsing into dormancy because I had too much on […]

Truly An American Icon

Today is April 1st, the day when web pranks ensue. For a change from previous April Fool’s redirects (1, 2, 3), I have instead decided to forego a front-page prank and instead provide you, internet, with a valuable web prank service: the “Stephen King is Dead”* Obituary Troll Generator. A simple homegrown PHP-based mad-lib script, […]

Your New Bicycle

Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle. Michelle Obama Is Your New Bicycle. Hillary Clinton Is Your New Bicycle. John McCain Is Your New Bicycle. Ron Paul Is Your New Bicycle. Steve Jobs Is Your New Bicycle. Generic wildcard subdomain “Your New Bicycle” Generator. Luke, I am Your New Bicycle. Thanks to Mat Honan for starting […]

GloriaResign (.com, .net, .org)

3-in-1: Bid now on and receive and free! Way back in 2005, when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo faced scattered street protests and rumors of an EDSA 4 revolution in the works, I registered three domains, completely on a whim: I really didn’t care about the politics, one way or another, but […]

Space Get – a small change

The three or four of you who follow Space Get may have noticed a little change in the weblog description: it now just says “Spaceflight video sticky-ball,” omitting mention of “images and other media.” The reason: easy embed fields on YouTube and Google Video. When I want to post an image (usually NASA public domain […]


New personal project up: Space Get! Sputnik 1’s 50th anniversary seemed like a good day to announce this: Space Get, “a sticky ball for spaceflight images, videos, and other space media.” I often entertain my inner frustrated astronaut by seeking out popular and obscure historical rocket launch and spaceflight media from the heyday of the […]

Welcome to WWTQ 2.0

Today seems like a good day to make a very important announcement: Welcome to WEB 2.0. (If you’re coming here through a feed reader, you have to go to the home page of my site to get the full impact of this update.) (Okay, redirect fun is over.) Okay, seriously now, you can stop laughing. […]

Of course I cannot write about my job hunting adventures without mentioning my professional front on the web:, home to my resumé and portfolio. I went with an über-minimal look for this one, to get it out the door faster and make navigation a snap for potential employers and other visitors, hence the four […]