Meet my latest pet project: Beg The Question. (Or BTQ, for short.)

Although BTQ started out as a silly little April Fool’s gimmick, I recently decided to make better use of the domain by turning it into a concise central venue to inform the general public of this all-too-common idiomatic travesty. Now, you can chastise casual BTQ abusers online by linking to, thus causing them to hang their heads in shame at their grammatical ignorance. (Or perhaps cause them to explode in righteous descriptivist outrage. You never know till you try!)

There’s also a printable card sheet (inspired in part by Coudal’s SHHH cellphone etiquette campaign), and shirts and mugs, which make great gifts for the pedantic philosophical linguistic curmudgeons in your life. Just in time for Christmas, too.

(For the inevitable “language is evolving” arguments, I refer you to the Frequently Begged Asked Questions.)

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