PicPedant Coverage

PicPedant (previously) now has over 11,000 followers, and the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of interesting media exposure. In addition to the first interviews with ExposedDC and Buzzfeed, I had an interview on NPR’s TLDR podcast with Alex Goldman, alongside Adrienne LaFrance:

And shortly afterward I appeared on BBC World to do a 5 minute segment on debunking fake photos. I wore a Thinkgeek 8-bit necktie, which host Jon Sopel seemed to like.

I have MetaFilter to thank for catalyzing all this media exposure (also see MetaTalk). In addition, I’ve also had interviews with Craig Silverman at Poynter and Malcolm Coles at the Daily Mirror.

Coverage has also extended to Petapixel, MediaBistro, Imaging Resource, and even ABS-CBN News back in the Philippines.

Update: I also spoke with Glenn Fleishman for an article in The Economist.

The interviews and media exposure have died down now, but the pedantry continues. I’m still wondering where else I can take this. (I’ve registered PicPedant.com and pointed it at a placeholder but haven’t had time to do much beyond that so far.)