Cheap and Tiny and Problogging

Cheap and Tiny

Cheap And Tiny is a weblog about cheap and tiny gadgets, exploring the lower boundaries of size and cost in the world of personal electronics. Your writer: Raffy. Your enterprising administrator: me. Check it out. Raffy has started it off with a look at Apple’s new iPod versus the Sony Playstation Portable.

I’ve had “problogging” on the brain lately, and I was formulating plans to start one of those weblog networks with a number of narrow-band topical sites, running WordPress on a shared reseller account with text ads somewhere, meeting some of the demand for certain kinds of niche-interest content while drawing in some modest click-cash. Suddenly, however, AOL bought WeblogsInc, and now “blog network” talk is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Now I feel like a late bandwagon jumper-on who waited just a bit too long to get things moving.

Still, better to get things moving anyway than to sit moping, and if one can wait a bit longer to launch a series of quality sites, so much the better. One weblog at a time.

(The real challenge now is to get into that business without resorting to the use of “blog” as a verb.)

Update: Bumped this up for exposure. Apologies to anyone who received multiple or misplaced trackbacks from this entry: there seems to be a bug in WordPress which causes the most recent post to receive a trackback ping when the weblog’s home URL is linked. I might have to turn off MT’s trackback auto-discovery because of this annoyance.