Happy Brownpau Christmas Shopping Suggestions

We’re a week into December! No doubt many of you have brows furrowed, stressed not only by the logistical and pecuniary pressures of shopping for gifts for family and friends, but also by the annual cognitive dissonance of coping with the blatantly materialist trappings with which this traditional Christian holiday has become associated in this modern culture. I cannot help you with the latter, but for the former, I humbly present to you the following suggestions:

  • Cheap and Tiny: a great way to find fun electronic devices of diminutive size and cost. Many of the gadgets on display make excellent stocking stuffers, for not too much cash.
  • Beg The Question Store: what better way to warm the heart of a pedantic grammatico-philosophical stickler than a BTQ mug or shirt (or thong) explaining the horrific truth behind this much-misused phrase? (Alternatively, you can go cheap with a stack of BTQ Cards, which make an okay gift if you print them on good card stock, cut them straight, and present them in a nice business card box.)
  • The Brownpau Store: a shirt for your dog with my cat on it. Nuff said.

Thank you for tolerating my shameless self-promotion. Buy buy now.