Jopogo At the start of this year, I went part-time with my current employer so as to get time to launch Jopogo, my independent web design and development venture. Concurrent with the lead-up to this decision, I bought a work desktop machine, signed up for a new web hosting account, read up on small business tax matters, registered a business name with the DCRA as a sole proprietor, and struck up a working partnership with Mike on my last trip to the Philippines.

As you can see from the links in the sidebar, I haven’t made a secret of it or anything, but I told myself I would get a few clients under my belt and settle into a steady income stream before I actually announced it here on HNBP. Suddenly, it’s ten months later, and here I am, with a few clients under my belt and managing to tread water income-wise. I’m not going to post an “X Things I Learned as a Newbie Entrepreneur” entry, as that’s been done by others, but I’ll say this: these last ten months have driven home just how important it is for an entrepreneur to be utterly fanatical about his business and the products or services he offers.

So yeah, here’s the official announcement. Jopogo is open for business, and has been for the last ten months. “We do web stuff.” I need a more original tagline.


  1. filmgoerjuan says:

    Congratulations, BP!

  2. wyclif says:

    Congrats, Paulo. I always figured it would be natural for you to end up in this line of work “officially.”

    Thanks for the linkage; I’d better get my act together, blog-wise!

  3. The Dane says:

    Congrats! My own personal venture into the land of design and development self-employment, NekoNoir, was essentially a failure as I was attacked by a series of debilitating illnesses within a month of start-up. I had to refer all my acquired clients to other designers and lost a lot of dough in the process. I’m sure there were lessons to be learned, but I didn’t really get a chance to learn them as you can’t really count on illness/injury. Maybe I’ll try again, but the failure was tough to go through and I’m not hot to risk it again. So good luck to you! Glad its working out!