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Christmas Photos 2013

Christmas scenes from around DC this December: And from around New Jersey, where we spent Christmas with Amy’s folks: Also this Santa Claus-themed Christmas card is the most brilliant riff on Matisse’s The Dance I have ever seen:

Thanksgiving 2013

We drove up to New Jersey to celebrate Thanksgiving with Amy’s family, leaving early Thanksgiving morning to be on the road behind the previous evening’s rush. The drive was mostly up I-95, arriving in time for the dog show and Thanksgiving dinner. Ever since our Thanksgiving Tenement Museum weekend the following Friday has become a […]

Thanksgiving 2012

We drove up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. Our last experience on Amtrak had been a crowded mess, and I wanted to see if the drive up I-95 was any better. It was not. We left at 5AM and even that early the beltway was stressful. The New Jersey Turnpike was a monotonous […]

NY/NJ for President’s Day

We’re at the New York Academy of Art for The Ones, an exhibit of work by alumni from 1991, 2001, and 2011. Amy’s turn to show work should be in five years for The Sixes, if this pattern keeps up. Studio tours follow, with Canadian student Cory Dixon showing us around. Lots of ecorches about, […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

Full photoset here. We went to New Jersey last weekend to spend Thanksgiving with Amy’s family, and to witness the baptism of her brother Bob.


Amy’s grandma passed away. We went up to New Jersey for the funeral. Never been a pallbearer before. First time for everything. Most of the pallbearer duty consists of just placing a hand atop the casket as it rolls on a wheeled stand from funeral home to church, but some lifting is needed needed when […]

Signs of Fleetingness

Seen in New Jersey over the weekend: a cicada’s shed shell hanging on to a blade of grass, a cemetery on a hilltop in Warren.

Easter Weekend in NJ

We spent the Easter weekend in New Jersey with Amy’s family, taking a quick jaunt up to New York on Saturday to check out The Frick Collection and Forum Gallery. For Easter Sunday we went to service at First Baptist Union and then had brunch at Crowne Plaza Edison. Much lamb and salmon was consumed […]

NJ Christmas 2008

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.” Merry Christmas, and blessings in Christ to all! We are currently visiting Amy’s family in New Jersey, where a thin layer of snow and ice gives me the first real snowy Christmas I’ve ever had, and […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

We spent Thanksgiving up in the Albany, NY area with Amy’s uncle. For some reason I was a lot more snap-happy on the road than at the house itself. Some oddities from the trip, including a Mayflower on wheels, a wooden bear “holding” a trout, a real dead bear on top of someone’s truck, a […]