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Weekend with MeFites

Stynxno and ThePinkSuperhero were on holiday in DC last weekend, so Amy and I took them on a walking tour of the National Mall, one end to the other. (The “walking” part turned out not to be the best idea since it was something like 90°F that day, but everyone managed to survive. Maybe Metro […]


Dan (known to some as insomnyuk on Metafilter) came over to DC for the weekend, so I showed him around NASM and took him on the simulators. Here he is with a Federation starship. (DanTrek.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


Tom has alerted me to my latest brush with fame in the news media: my I HAS A BUDGET image macro has been cited in Slate’s LOLCATS slideshow. (See image #6 of 9). It was all a very spur-of-the-moment thing after I saw the photo of the president holding the budget booklet, and took about […]

DC Metafilter Meetup

Jessamyn was in DC for a visit, so local MeFites got together for a meetup at Palace of Wonders Argonaut on H St NE. (Palace of Wonders turned out to be closed, so Argonaut served as backup venue. Careful clicking, the sites are Flash-based with sound.) The last photo is in the back of MrMoonPie […]

Gems in the Poo

The story is that someone posted a question to Ask Metafilter about avoiding alcohol in vanilla extracts for religious reasons (Islam, I think). A few people answered with the standard “Oh you poor stupid religious person,” as is to be expected from Metafilter; which precipitated this etiquette debate in which some actually defend their right […]


One of the reasons I love Ask Metafilter so much is for deliciously educational threads like this one. Note the topic, then note the username of the first commenter. And here’s my followup thread, on scientific names for boogers.

Controlling the Infestation

AskMefi on cockroach extermination. I’ve been dealing with an infestation problem for the past few weeks now, even after bombing out the roaches’ main breeding grounds under the kitchen table and in the fuse box. They just move to a new spot in the room, and I can only spray Raid and apply Combat Gel […]

Like a Poor Marksman

“…after 12 years on the Internet and thousands of registrations and forms filled out, the advertising I am seeing still does not appear to reflect my tastes, interests, previous buying habits, professional background, academic background, or income level. They have yet to successfully target me …. Or else they are simply targeting the stupid, the […]

MeFi Wiki

Metafilter has a wiki, and in the wiki, I have an entry, though I think my MeFi user profile should be enough. Update, 2007: New Metafilter wiki, now running on Mediawiki.


I’ve cut caffeine from my diet. For most of the past year, my coffee/soda habit has been one each a day, though I’ve been gradually cutting down on the soda out of concern for my teeth. Nowadays I average about three cans of soda a week, and until early this month, an 8 oz. cup […]