Controlling the Infestation

AskMefi on cockroach extermination. I’ve been dealing with an infestation problem for the past few weeks now, even after bombing out the roaches’ main breeding grounds under the kitchen table and in the fuse box. They just move to a new spot in the room, and I can only spray Raid and apply Combat Gel so much before the fumes become potentially harmful to my cat — and to me. I’ve told the landlady, and the exterminators have responded with more Combat Gel, but it just hasn’t worked as well as it should.

This Essortment essay on roach extermination has been of great help in controlling the worst of the problem — the tips on water sources and bay leaves are key. As soon as I stopped leaving stagnant water in dishes in the sink, and left a couple of dried bay leaves under the pet dishes, the number of cockroaches crawling around my room lessened significantly. Next step is roach traps, and if those don’t work, I order some Siege Gel.

I really am turning into a priss. Back in Manila, cockroaches the size of cellphones were just par for the course, and I’d make sure to step on one at least once a day. Here, I’ve only had one Cockroach Challenge of Doom in two and a half years.


  1. Raffy says:

    The few cats we had running around the house back in Manila usually took care of our vermin, including any wandering roaches.

    Thing is, I didn’t find this little bit of information out until I had spent several weeks allowing them to lick my palm and leg while I was playing with them. Eew.