Weekend with MeFites

Photographing the Library of Congress Stynxno and ThePinkSuperhero were on holiday in DC last weekend, so Amy and I took them on a walking tour of the National Mall, one end to the other. (The “walking” part turned out not to be the best idea since it was something like 90°F that day, but everyone managed to survive. Maybe Metro next time.) We dropped by the NMAI to eat some Native food, the MNH to check out the Hope Diamond, the Washington Monument to get a rest stop in the obelisk’s shadow, Lincoln Memorial to, well, see Lincoln, and the White House to see our neighbor Barack. We didn’t see him.

Then it was up to Adams Morgan to get some dinner at Las Canteras with mullacc, and then to Nanny O’Briens for a meetup with a few other MeFi members.

Mullacc in Thought Loto with Beer

At the end of the day I could barely stand, but it was fun. I especially like showing New Yorkers around Washington because they think DC is totally cheap and not crowded at all.

My photos, and Stynxno’s photos.