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Memorial Day Weekend 2006

Memorial Day Weekend was warm and relaxing. Amy and I met up with my brother Francis for a few hours on Monday, as he was visiting high school buddies. We tried some of the dimsum at NuBao Cafe in South Street Seaport, and paid $3 each to tour the historic ships docked there — the […]

Patriotic Songs in Church?

Fellow American Christians, what are your thoughts on the singing of patriotic hymns at worship service on significant historic holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July? I always took it as given that these were improper for an event meant to be focused on God, so I was somewhat taken aback when […]

links for 2006-05-31 goes all food. (tags: weblogs food) Megnut’s non-food content. (tags: weblogs) Meg and Jason. New Yorker’s Rebecca Mead recaps the Meg/Kottke weblog romance. (tags: love marriage weblogs) Inside AdSense: Video ads: Your questions answered. Google Adsense introduces video ads. (tags: google video advertising) The Great Immigration Debate. Worth it just for the Eagle-born […]

Lost Bags: Followup

My squeaky wheeling about Airtran and Lost Bags received some “grease”: email apologies from DCA Ops Manager Robert Sullivan, Carla Hodge of Airtran’s Central Baggage Service, and Airtran’s DCA Station Manager Chanel Johnson. Miss Johnson was very responsive, promised action on the hitches in the process, and offered to repair or replace the bag within […]

links for 2006-05-29

PHP/MySQL Password Hashing (tags: php mysql security) Panexa (Acidachrome Promanganate) Ask your doctor for a reason to take it. (tags: medicine drugs fun) Stay Free Blog. Media criticism and consumer culture. (tags: advertising weblogs culture) “Coffee Cantata,” J. S. Bach, BWV 211. Also known as “Schweight stille, plaudert nicht.” (tags: music)

links for 2006-05-27

Zeldman sends off 2nd edition of the orange book amidst crushing family hardship. (tags: design books weblogs) What’s wrong with Flickr? Some much-agreed gripes about the old and new Flickr UI. (tags: flickr design markup) The broken laptop I sold on eBay. Brit eBayer gets scammed on a laptop, gets back with the scammer’s personal […]


(Seats.jpg, uploaded by brownpau.) The train isn’t loaded, and the track runs alongside I-95, which has almost no traffic on it between Wilmington and Philadelphia. Did I miss the long weekend rush? (Not that I’m complaining.)

Amtrak’s Bad Week

This hasn’t been a good week for Amtrak along the East Coast. First you have the guy hit on the tracks near Philly, then the train fire near BWI, then yesterday’s rail power outage, on the same day that the House voted on a one-third budget cut for the government subsidized rail service. This is […]

LOST 2nd Season Finale: Now Widmore Penny

The LOST finale established a bunch of major plot points. (Spoilers after the Macho Trio.) Tres Amigos y sus armas, muy macho. They’re not in purgatory. They’re not in a post-apocalyptic future. The Swan Station Hatch, computer, and electromagnetic anomaly were all real, and not just a behavioral experiment. The Pearl Station was the behavioral […]

links for 2006-05-25

I could [not] care less. Useful graph to show the error of “I could care less.” (tags: language) Anne-Marie D’Arcy: The Da Vinci code-breaker. English medievalist’s take on the poor research behind Da Vinci Code. Just one error: her assertion that Constantine declared Christ divine, which is untrue, since Constantine himself wavered between Arianism and […]