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Manila Christmas Morning Sunrise

Quick time lapse of the sun rising over the hazy Metro Manila landscape on Christmas morning, as shot from a San Juan high rise, looking east towards Ortigas: That may look like a picturesque mist but it doesn’t burn off quickly like radiative fog when the heat of the sun falls on it. That’s because […]

Brownpau Show #2: “Vlog”

Part 2 my video podcast, aka “vlog” — just two years after the first episode. Apropos for April 1st. (I have been informed by JoHo that his friend Jon had a similar vlog.)

Brownpau Show #1

I was in an IRC channel talking about and the nature of internet fame, and nostrich said something along the lines of “WELL DO YOUR OWN SHOW” — so I did, with The Brownpau Show #1: Mostly I was just testing out the iPad 2 camera, and how well iMovie did on-the-fly video capture, […]

Fourth of July 2011

We had a lazy, lazy Fourth of July and simply viewed fireworks from the condo parking garage rooftop. There was a lot going on, though, and I was able to get a decent timelapse of this show going on just a couple of miles away: Set to tinny 1913 Sousa, as always.

Snowstorm of Dec. 2009

Dec. 19th brought a historic snowstorm to the DC area, dumping almost two feet of snow in our immediate locality in North Virginia and surpassing in overall impact even the Feb 2003 snowstorm in Baltimore. We were pretty much snowed in for that whole weekend, but we did venture outside to survey conditions for a […]


There’s a lot I want to write about, and a lot I need to do, but time is short and work is hectic and things are changing and sometimes all you need is a short video of a cat licking at a piece of prosciutto.

Fourth of July 2009

Fourth of July long weekend was spent largely in domestic relaxation, but we went out on Friday to hike around Theodore Roosevelt Island a bit. While there we got to see three blue herons chased around the marsh by someone’s golden retriever: Then on Saturday we ventured out to the National Mall to see fireworks. […]

Blue Heron Flyby

Friday morning brought me to Arlington before work, so I made my way to the office in Georgetown via Rosslyn, Key Bridge, and the C&O Canal towpath. Walking down the towpath somewhere between Key Bridge and Wisconsin Ave NW I happened across the blue heron. It spooked and flew before I could get close enough […]

Over the Atlantic

Amy and I have just returned from a short London holiday. We walked through various historic landmarks, saw much art, climbed several spiral staircases, rode the Tube, met up with Sparticus and even got to watch Star Trek at Leicester Square a full day before its US release date. I’m uploading the photos right now, […]