National Gallery Timelapses and Painting Details

Amy and I were at the National Gallery on Saturday to look at American works by Homer, Eakins, Bellows, as well as explore the little-known inner maze of Italian Renaissance galleries in the West Building. Along the way I tried out the time lapse feature on my Powershot and got a few quick videos:

I had hoped to catch the giant Calder mobile in motion but it was not a very windy day, so there was no movement.

I also paused in the Italian galleries to get a few detail shots of paintings that caught my eye — Saint Anthony’s meeting with a centaur (or is it a satyr?) in the wilderness, Saint Helena’s flower-nippled breastplate, Gian Federico Madruzzo’s dog’s weird shrunken head, and Aeneas and Achates’ classy travel attire:

Saint Anthony and the Centaur (Satyr?) Saint Helena Small-Headed Dog Classy Travel Attire