Timelapse video of me rearranging my furniture. Guest-starring Pandora the Cat.


  1. Sparticus says:

    Those are certainly the most rumpliest sheets I have ever seen.

  2. Paulo says:

    I tucked and tightened them. Happy? :)

  3. Tim says:

    That was neat. The cat seems to like the bed where it is. :)

  4. timsamoff says:

    So, after all of that, it looks like a plant and a shelf changed their posistions. :)

  5. Paulo says:

    It’s a new wicker shelf, and the bed changed orientation from North-South to East-West. The Yaffa blocks are now beside the microwave, the plants are now on a stand off-cam, and there’s a gorgeous ink wash drawing of my girlfriend on the east wall. Oh, and the years-old mattress and boxsprings have been generously sprayed with Lysol Disinfectant, Fresh Linen Scent, and wrapped up in antibacterial mattress protectors. Those evil bacteria will never get me now.

  6. Jesper says:

    Yay for time lapses.

  7. michael says:

    it was funny to see the cat come and go during the time-lapse. nice.

  8. filmgoerjuan says:

    This was just like that time lapse scene in “A Clockwork Orange” only without, you know, the sex.

  9. Paulo says:

    I could add the William Tell overture to it to help, juan.