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Oh look! The car is advertising an alcoholic beverage, so its roof has been set up to look like said beverage, complete with straw and lime wedge! It is very clever! (DrinkCar.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

DC Metro Flipbook Ad: Target

A few people have been arriving at my old entry on the DC Metro “flipbook” ads, looking for the newer “Target” ad between Gallery Place and Judiciary Square, on the Red Line. Here’s a video I took of it, a bit dark, but you can see a person floating in what seems to be a […]

DC Metro “Flipbook” Ads

WMATA recently installed flipbook-style advertising — a series of stills in slitted lightboxes which produce a motion effect due to your own persistence of vision as the train speeds by. The ads are installed in tunnels between Metro Center, Gallery Place/Chinatown, and Judiciary Square on the Red Line to Glenmont. (More on that from WaPo,

Ad Sells You

NOTE: This work is fiction. Any resemblance to real persons or entities, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Source of inspiration here. “Mullenvegg? Is thet you?” The voice was familiar, but Matt did not respond. Cautiously he rounded the corner, eyes darting in every direction, trying to make out any threatening forms in the murky […]

To Think They Call What You’re Sitting In a Car

(CarAd.jpg uploaded by brownpau.) This is a subway billboard at Metro Center. I often comment to myself about how car companies pay ad agencies thousands of dollars to implicitly insult the public’s intelligence with unsubtle condescension, but this BMW campaign takes it a step further by insulting the target audience outright. “OH YOU POOR IDIOTS, […]

Subway Wraparound

(Wrap.jpg uploaded by brownpau.) Hey, look! Subway car wraparound advertising! I just can’t wait for the added revenue from this to be transferred to the customers in the form of lower fares and better maintenance of trains and escalators. Right? Right?

Zero Dollar Business Plan

I feel that I must apologize, somewhat, for the increase in advertising on various pages here on my site. My rationalization is that it helps serve the hundreds who come to my site via Google searches everyday and want more than just my journal entries: sometimes, the content-driven ads actually have answers for them. Right? […]

“Default Banner”

On this NYT story about Blogger (link via shellen), I saw a very large purple animated banner to the right, with some kind of weird, pixelated, black shape swirling in the middle of it. Odd advertisement, right? It looked HTML-resized, so I tried going to the img src URL. Heh.

As Seen On…

I saw her on a Hotmail banner ad for, and instantly it triggered the faint echo of a memory. I knew this girl. Where had I seen her before? Had I met her? Was she a passing face on the Metro? A neighbor in my building or an old classmate at MICA? Then I […]

Never feel over-smoked!

So I’ve been tweaking the CSS for TobaccoDocuments all day, using the infamous “Gee Mommy!” Camel ad for a search results sample. Late in the afternoon, I decide to get a brain-snack by checking on Lileks, and what do I see: Gee, Lileks! (Also check out why you should be inserting cigarettes into your “T-Zone.”)