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Capitol and Cherry Blossoms

Got these panoramic photos on my way to an interview yesterday afternoon: blooming Yoshino trees lining the plaza leading from North Capitol and D Streets up to the Capitol itself. This is the weekend of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, so Amy and I will shortly be going over to the Tidal Basin […]


I’m happy to announce that the cat’s bathroom behaviors have mostly normalized, and that she is going in the litterbox again, with far fewer mishaps than in the last few rocky months. It helped to remove the overpowering air freshener from the bathroom, change her litterbox to a new one, and switch to unscented litter. […]

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Barukatash II: the (re)blog of brian davis (tags: weblogs) Mid century ship interiors – a photoset on Flickr. Photos and illustrations of cruise ship interiors from the 1950s and 1960s. (tags: cruise ship design retro history photos) Hometown Baghdad. Web documentary series about life in Baghdad these days. (tags: iraq video) Free Online Photo Editors […]


Track work on the Red, Yellow, AND Green Lines. Wow, this Cherry Blossom Festival weekend on the Metro is going to be awesome. (TrackWrk.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

links for 2007-03-29

Metroblogging DC: A Wall Goes Down. In which I wonder why that wood panel enclosure was up at Union Station for so long. (tags: dc unionstation metblogs) Star Wars Rocks! A painting by Hugh Fleming. (tags: art starwars fun) A DC Birding Blog (tags: dc animals birds weblogs) A380 Buzzes D.C., With Minor Bug. A […]


One of those Star Wars mail boxes sits outside the post office at Union Station. It does not roll around the station, beeping, nor does it project holos of Carrie Fisher, nor does it perform astromech droid functions on Rebel Alliance fighter spacecraft. It will, however, keep your Death Star Plans and other mail safe […]

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Cassini Images Bizzare Hexagon on Saturn. The long-lived hexagonal cloud formation circles Saturn’s North Pole under the polar cloud cover. (tags: space saturn nasa jpl cassini) Planetary Society Blog on Saturn’s north polar hexagon. Includes photos of Venusian polar cloud formations and polygon formation in rotating liquids. (tags: space saturn nasa jpl cassini photos math) […]


Looks like there was some kind of disturbance at Union Station, as this was the sight that greeted those emerging from the Metro. No blood or guns or anything, probably just a fight. (Arrest.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

Jun Ducat Hostage Crisis

“I love these kids; that’s why I am here. We have a field trip. I invited the children for a field trip.” In the Philippines, a Tondo day care center owner hijacked a bus of his own students and teachers and held them hostage near Manila’s City Hall, to demand better treatment for Filipino children. […]

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Newsvine – Hacking John McCain. Mike Davidson pwns the campaign by changing a hotlinked image used on McCain’s MySpace page. Note to online campaign staffers: don’t hotlink! Also see my Metafilter post. (tags: fun politics myspace oops mccain) Don’t Be Silent – Speak out against street harassment in DC. Street harrassment weblog. (tags: dc weblogs […]