A Request to Flickr

Hey, Flickr! I went and merged my Flickr login with my Yahoo account. It was seamless and hitch-free, even after closing my browser and reopening it to make sure the Flickr cookie was persistent between sessions. There. I’m happy. Okay? Are you happy? Good. I did it for you. Now you have to do something for me.

One of your sibling Yahoo “2.0” acquisitions, del.icio.us, has a daily blog posting feature, part of which is a cat_id field so I can assign a category to entries that del.icio.us remotely posts to Movable Type. Flickr lacks this, has lacked it for some time, and needs to get on it ASAP. I’m very tired of having to open up MT when I get home from a day of posting mobile entries via MMS, just so I can set the category of the day’s mail-to-weblog posts to “mobile” manually.

I merged for you, Flickr! Will you cat_id for me?