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Flickr-Yahoo Login: The Deadline Approaches

It came from Flickr this morning: Dear Old Skool Account-Holding Flickr Member, On March 15th we’ll be discontinuing the old email-based Flickr sign in system. From that point on, everyone will have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr. So Flickr has gone ahead and made Yahoo logins mandatory effective March 15th, […]

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Interior photos of Vladimir Putin’s jet. In Soviet Russia, Air Force One blings out you! (tags: russia aviation government fashion) ShatnerVision! (tags: shatner video) Spaceflight Now | Sea Launch Rocket Explodes on Pad. The Zenit 3SL rocket was to carry an NSS 8 satellite into orbit, but instead appeared to collapse on the pad before […]

Arredondo in DC

I saw this pickup truck drive by my building today, flag-draped coffin in the rear, with a large US flag flying above it. He pulled up by the Hall of States, either to get a hotdog from the sidewalk cart or get interviewed by C-Span or Fox. Turns out it’s Carlos Arredondo, the man who, […]

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What Does 200 Calories Look Like? Photos of various food quantities totaling 200 calories. (tags: food photos health) 10 Free Apps Every Mac User Should Have – (tags: apple osx free software) YouTube – Building Collapse Manila. Video of the Divisoria building collapse back in ’04. (tags: philippines disaster news video youtube) YouTube – […]


This is the Caturday Yawn Edition. The challenge is to look at these photos of the cat and not yawn. Ready? Go.


Oh yeah, the iPhone. It sounded nice on introduction, didn’t it? Slick full screen OS X-based Apple GUI with unique multi-touch screen interface, iPod video, internet communications, bluetooth, wifi, camera — what’s not to love? That wasn’t a rhetorical question. Here’s what’s not to love: No tactile feedback. I can text with T9 off and […]

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Smart Or Stoopid. Quick “intelligence” test of all manner of trivia. I got 27. (tags: flash fun intelligence tests) Old Master paintings redone in Lego. (tags: fun lego art) YouTube – Alien Vs Predator (Shower) (tags: fun video gaming advertising scifi alien predator) 10 further novel uses for microwave ovens (tags: microwave home science) People […]

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Official Google Blog: A look ahead at Google Video and YouTube YouTube content to remain separate, but included in Google Video search results. Heh, “higher quality.” (tags: google youtube video search business) Adactio: Journal – Whither Twitter? “I use Twitter to broadcast, not to converse.” YES. (tags: twitter) Hygiene in the Middle Ages | Ask […]

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President Bush’s 2007 State of the Union Address. Official transcript. (tags: news politics government president usa whitehouse) Democratic Response to the State of the Union Address. From Senator Jim Webb (D-VA). (tags: news politics government usa) Kerry Will Not Run for President in 2008 – (tags: news politics dc president government kerry) Ask […]

Around the Capitol for State of the Union 2007

My normal policy is to turn off the TV and radio during State of the Union addresses, no matter who’s President, but there’s been talk of a State of the Union protest at the Capitol tonight, so I walked down there after dinner to see what I could see, not having been to one of […]