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Stand Far From Disembodied Head

Photos from my Thanksgiving weekend trip to visit Amy and her folks in NJ have been mixed into the full NJ/NYC Nov 2005 photoset. We were looking at some of my older pre-Flickr albums and I realized I really need to get all these things in one place. For now, enjoy this safety sign on […]

Lost 2.09

So did you all go googling for the story of King Josiah when Eko mentioned it? Are you all dusting off your bibles for the “Eko recites Psalm 23″ episode? Hey, if it gets you into your bibles and studying the Word, that’s got to be some good TV. [spoilers, highlight to read]Finally, more hatch […]

links for 2005-11-30

Holyoffice: The Return of Hippie Jesus. Discussion on the Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas and Erik Reece’s rather poorly researched slant into the Narcissistic Hippie Jesus he trys to draw out of it in Harpers. (tags: faith history theology culture) RunPHP. WordPress plugin to eval() PHP in posts and pages. (tags: wordpress php) Life Outtacontext: Look […]

links for 2005-11-29

Mori – Seismic sound installation. “Minute movements of the Hayward Fault in California are detected by a seismograph, converted to digital signals, and transmitted continuously via the Internet to the installation.” (tags: art earthquake) 18 Tricks to Teach Your Body. Men’s Health “body hacks” to clear stuffy noses, regain balance, scratch a throat tickle, and […]

links for 2005-11-28

Pudding Head! Pudding caps were worn by infants learning to walk, to protect their heads from falls which could potentially turn their brains into “pudding.” (tags: history fashion)

links for 2005-11-27

The DCeiver: The Pompatus of Lost: 2.08–I Shot a Man In Echo Park Just To Watch and See if the Closure Could Resolve My Deep Seated Need to Control Things. ‘Locke pauses over a crossword puzzle examining the clue that everyone will be Googling about this next week: “Enkidu’s Friend.”‘ (tags: tv fun)


For the so-called post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday” Amy and I went into NYC, not to shop, but to check on her drawings in Square Foot, a small works show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (She entered two drawings: Bulbs and this untitled work.) This was my first foray into Brooklyn via the J/M/Z line over Williamsburg Bridge, and […]

Thanksgiving at Grandma’s

As with last Thanksgiving and the one before it, I joined Amy and her folks for dinner at her grandmother’s, somewhere up in the wild Watchung Hills of New Jersey. A delicious traditional feast was served, with many thanks to Amy’s mom: Roast turkey, three kinds of stuffing (chestnut, sausage, and plain), mashed potatoes, sweet […]

links for 2005-11-26

Evan Goldman Art. Painter from MICA and NYAA. (tags: art) The Sleepy Turkey Tryptophan Thanksgiving Myth. Tryptophan in turkey is not concentrated enough to induce sleep. (tags: food science) Pat Morita dies. Best known as Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid, Pat Morita has passed on. (tags: film showbiz news)

links for 2005-11-24

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. Excellent Finnish Star Trek parody. (tags: startrek) Dulcius Ex Asperis reviews Anne Rice’s Jesus novel. (tags: literature faith) Pandora: A Shepherd Moon of Saturn. Cassini flies by my favorite moon in the Saturn system. (tags: space) Reversica. Classy furniture with “Evil Overlord” rotating segments. (tags: furniture)