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Super Earth

Extrasolar Super Earth Discovered, and NASA announces the discovery of a new class of rocky planets. Hmmm, extremely massive, rocky, Earth-like planets, orbiting close to their home stars, one of which orbits extremely close to Gliese 436, a small, M-class dwarf — a RED SUN. I think we can see where this is all going…

Summer’s End Approaches

What’s up with this week? There’s been a flurry of output: a new iMac comes out, redesigns, MovableType 3.1 launches. I guess everyone wanted the new stuff out and ready before the college kids go back to school next week. (You know you’re getting old when you start calling them college kids.) The “-Ber” […]

Unfriendly Friendster

Way to go, Friendster. First, the policy that “we are not being hacked,” and now they fire an employee for her weblog. Fortunately I deleted my account on Friendster (and on Orkut too) last month, simply because these social networks were becoming just another layer of superficial communication which I was doing better without.

Sort of anticliMactic?

The iMac G5 is revealed. Design-wise, it lacks a lot of the visual “oomph” that came with the older G3 iCandies and G4 iLamps; but I suppose that’s because this new iMac is so simple: a screen with everything in it, and no separate CPU. It’s revolutionary, even though it may not look it. (What […]

Links for 2004-08

Eagle Lander 3D Realistic lunar lander simulator / space iTreo: Copy photos from your Palm straight to OS X. / handheld mac How to remove the Opera Ad Banner. By buying it. Ha. Gotcha. / browsers One-Pot Cooking / food / dc weather Socially Acceptable Bigotry. Those “asshole” Republicans. / politics culture PHP Form […]


Hmmm, if Presbyterians are part of Presbyterianism, and Catholics part of Catholicism, and so on, what are Baptists a part of? Update: Baptistdom!

Fleeing the Porpoise

From Michael Spencer, A Contrarian Manifesto for the Church Growth Debate: “Don’t haul a video screen into my church and tell me that if I don’t show clips from The Matrix, I’m not communicating.” Just add Last of the Mohicans, Shrek, and Braveheart to the list of movies, plus a couple of U2 songs about […]


At the FDR Memorial, a closeup of the bronze statue of Fala, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier. Behind is a condensed quote from FDR, which can be read in full among the listed memorial inscriptions. (Photo taken with a Sony Ericsson Communicam attachment.)

Tiger Cubs and Lollardy

I woke up early this morning to hop over to the National Zoo and look at the new Sumatran tiger cubs. Cute little felines, jumping around the habitat and pawing at each other, fearful of the water yet trying to ride on Mama’s back while she swam. In the neighboring habitat, the local male lion […]

Paths, Paper, Inflection, Drawer

A few notes to self: When installing Apache on Windows, select the parent directory as target installation directory, because the installer makes the Apache directory and puts it in the folder you specify, and you don’t want it installed in d:program filesapache groupapacheapache or some such silliness. When in doubt while requesting a print quote, […]