Feel the Vitality!

My highest-received SpamAssassin score thus far has just arrived in my inbox: 31.55, with subject line: “hi there brother – feel the vitality!” The message tells me to “BE A MAN,” and promises three extra inches in length, 20% additional girth, and rock-hard “Eerect1ons.” Funniest choice bits from the SpamAssassin content analysis: "0.1 - HTML_FONTCOLOR_RED - HTML font color is red," and "1.0 - BANG_GUARANTEE - Something is emphatically guaranteed."

Still, 31.55 is a paltry score beside Project Spamchart’s highest rating of 156.10. Also see this Wired story for more on competitive SpamAssassin scoring.

(It is also my humble opinion that SA people have no idea at all about what makes a good logo. None whatsoever. ;)