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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana / botany Clothed Classic Nudes / photoshop art fun HYCW: Making a case for MixedCase URLs / markup My Everyday Manila / photo pinoy Common Airplane Types and Configuration Data / travel aviation The Travel Insider / travel Opera forums: GMail, Opera, and HTTP GET via JS. Opera can’t do HTTP GET requests […]


I’ll be AFK for the rest of the Memorial Day Weekend as I rearrange my furniture and attempt to add a few checkmarks to my To Do list. Time and weather permitting, I should be able to squeeze in some skating, hiking, and pasyalan around the many Memorial Day and WWII events happening on the […]


One of the infamous Brood X Cicadas flew into the office yesterday, crashed into a wall, and settled to the floor behind my desk. These babies are strong; when I tried to pick him up by the wings, he clamped a leg onto the carpet and another onto the nearest CAT-5 cable, and would not […]

Exercise in Cynicism

As expected, Philippine elections last May 10th were an exercise in cynicism, with dubious incumbent GMA pulling the lead over movie star and Erap puppet FPJ, to the noisy, rancorous music of election fraud accusations. It’s greater evil versus lesser evil, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide who is which. Either way: […]


A bit of PHP and CSS, thrown into an idle moment, and I present to you: The Strangelover.


Update: My mistake, it’s spelled “Washingtonienne.” But this misspelled title gets tons of hits, so it’s all good. Most recent scandal rocking the government’s not-so-hallowed halls is that of Jessica Cutler, better known as “Washingtonniene”, a low level Hill staffer (um, ex-staffer) who posted accounts of her many, varied, and profitable sexual exploits to a […]

MeFi Wiki

Metafilter has a wiki, and in the wiki, I have an entry, though I think my MeFi user profile should be enough. Update, 2007: New Metafilter wiki, now running on Mediawiki.

“Default Banner”

On this NYT story about Blogger (link via shellen), I saw a very large purple animated banner to the right, with some kind of weird, pixelated, black shape swirling in the middle of it. Odd advertisement, right? It looked HTML-resized, so I tried going to the img src URL. Heh.

Bed Frame

I’m selling a twin-to-full bed frame. Here’s the ad on DC Craigslist: “It’s a BED FRAME! For your BED!”