Update: My mistake, it’s spelled “Washingtonienne.” But this misspelled title gets tons of hits, so it’s all good.

Most recent scandal rocking the government’s not-so-hallowed halls is that of Jessica Cutler, better known as “Washingtonniene”, a low level Hill staffer (um, ex-staffer) who posted accounts of her many, varied, and profitable sexual exploits to a public weblog (archived somewhere, but I’m not linking it). From what I hear on the Hill, sexually overactive interns and staffers are nothing new; apparently Ms. Cutler was cited for using office equipment to post her sordid wittiness to Blogger. Getting fired did wonders for her notoriety: an interview and a night on the town with DC-gossip blogger Wonkette, plus reports of book deals, Playboy offers, and of course the requisite fifteen minutes of media-induced fame.

More on those fifteen minutes. (Caveat: UPI writer.)

I’m not normally one to agree with Michelle Malkin, but she’s spot on with this one: “This vulgar little episode reflects a larger, disturbing media trend toward normalizing and glamorizing sexual promiscuity among young working women. It harms those trying to succeed on their merits in the professional arena. And it also harms our own daughters, who will be forced to fight harder to protect their dignity and credibility in a “Girls Gone Wild” culture.” Also note the sentence on Spaghetti-O’s. (Caveat: Michelle Malkin)

(Update: Excellent SkankBack from Wonkette. I love it. Love it.)

Poor Mike DeWine (Senator, R-Ohio). Until this scandal broke, I had never heard of him, and neither, I imagine, had many other Americans. Now, (or at least for the next fifteen minutes) his name in the media is inevitably connected to “Washingtonniene’s boss.” A dubious distinction, to be certain.

The scandal, the media frenzy, the pictures, the proud candor; you don’t even need to invoke Sodom and Gomorrah for this one. The sad part is that I’m disappointed that I’m not shocked because I’m so jaded.

And for those of you still bugging my referrals with google searches for Washingtonniene pictures: here, here, here, here, and here, okay? (Caveat: non-wholesome links on the last one.) Happy? Huh? Huh?

UPDATE, 09/01/2004: Those of you searching for nude Playboy photos of Ms. Cutler out on the web, please go here.


  1. I’m so jaded by living here that when Wonkette first broke the story last week my thought was…so what? A Congressional staffer sleeping around the city is not exactly news. I’m sort of shocked it is a story now. Let her have her 15 minutes, 90 days from now nobody will remember her name, exact when they see her nametag as she asks you if you want that latte with an extra shot :)

  2. stoddart says:

    So, this is news? A whore who isn’t even smart enough to figure out how to remove the Google banner, which my girlfriend figured out in her first minute of blogging.

    And Wonkette? Oh yeah, I covered that already.