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Trains and Hearts

Rail. (Flash, 6MB) A nonlinear interpretation of a C.S. Lewis poem set to footage of rail travel between DC and Baltimore.

On the Brink

Can’t blog. Slaving away on thesis. Final critique tomorrow, then I have a Flash piece in the afternoon, and a paper due Thursday. Get back to you next week. Cya. Update, 11.30am: Fresh out of final thesis critique. Went quite well, all panelists liked it. Rachel mentioned Barthes’ “Death of the Author,” Grad Director Leslie […]

Cranial at the Davises’

A grand time was had by all at the Barukatash domicile last night, along with Brian (another Brian), Valerie, Daniel, Wayne, and more. We played Cranium, discussed esoteric theological topics, and tossed dead rubber chickens around till past midnight. Now, that, my friends, was a party. (Yeah, Brian gave me a sneak preview of the […]

After the All-Nighter

I spent all night in the MA Digital Lab till 9am this morning, working on a Flash piece, then came home and collapsed, and now it’s past 5pm. Where’d the day go? The whole point of working so late was so I could have the rest of today to work on more stuff, then crash […]

Palm in the Niche

Tempering my Zire Desire comes a sobering note from Russell Beattie: Palm Reading. (Heads-up from Wyclif.)

Facing the Grill

Critique of thesis with instructor in a few minutes, then final panel critique on Monday. Panic. (Update: Individual critique went well; just a few interface suggestions from advisor. Yay!)

The Hermit’s Song

My heart is empty. All the fountains that should run     With longing are in me Dried up. In all the countryside there is not one     That drips to find the sea. I have no care for anything thy love can grant     Except the moment’s vain And hardly noticed filling of the moment’s […]

Cookies and BUCs

Heads-up from Jesper: The buggy “Remember Me” function in my comments is fixed, I hope, thanks to a javascript fix from the Waffle Dude. In the near future, I may opt to forego these “/comments/n/” rewrites altogether and stick to the less classy, but simpler, direct URL. Heads-up from Richard: Farewell to the Browser Upgrade […]


Pia has now joined me and Raffy in the random layout hizzouse. Check it; she has 5 phobia-themed layouts up so far. (Who else is doing random blog layouts? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of you out there.)

Zire Dreams

Scratch the Zaurus; Palm just rolled out the new Zire 71, and it’s a beauty. I’ll gladly trade the Zaurus’ h@><0r-appeal for the new Zire’s extra features (camera and MP3!) and the promise of PalmOS 5+ stability and bug-free OS X syncing. Update: PalmInfoCenter story Review from Infosync TechTV review CNET review Slashdot thread