Cranial at the Davises’

A grand time was had by all at the Barukatash domicile last night, along with Brian (another Brian), Valerie, Daniel, Wayne, and more. We played Cranium, discussed esoteric theological topics, and tossed dead rubber chickens around till past midnight. Now, that, my friends, was a party.

(Yeah, Brian gave me a sneak preview of the new Dead Chicken Berry, so I’ve totally hacked the URL.)

Bloggage from Valerie.


  1. Wyclif says:

    I actually don’t use that *nom de plume* IRL!

    Stonehenge. Stonehenge Stonehenge!

    (Whoops, sorry Daniel, it’s all fixed now. – Paulo)

  2. Hey Paulo,

    First time I’ve ever been to your website, and I dig it…I just wanted to say it’s a small world, because Brian Brooks happens to be one of my best pals of all time. It surprised me when he told me that he met all these people who do the blogging thing…anyhow, pleased to meet you.