Palm Overboard

Darn it, darn it, darn it. I lost my Palm yesterday; it must have slid out of my slacks pocket in the taxi on the way to church. Just a Zire, so it’s not too much of a blow to my finances, and I had the presence of mind to sync the same morning, so my data is all intact.

Well, if the taxi company doesn’t have it today, I’m effectively in the market for a new cheap handheld. That Zaurus would look good if it were only OS X compatible. Or maybe the Tungsten-T?

(Update: Whoa, the Tungsten is waaaay too expensive. I’m going to look at lower-end combo models first while I investigate better anti-loss solutions for keeping handhelds on my person. Buying another one is useless if it’s just going to slide out of my pocket again.)


  1. daniel says:

    Bummer. I’d offer you my unused Palm IIIc, but it’s unused because the screen is all red and flickery, and I don’t think you want one like that. I feel your pain, though.

  2. Steve says:

    ouch. hey, i didn’t know you used a mac! here’s what you should get :)

  3. dave says:

    If you’re in the market for a Zaurus (I’m seriously thinking about moving to one) it might interest you to know that it stores all its data in xml format, so if you want to write your own sync proggie. (:

  4. Paulo says:

    Steve – Naw, those Sidekicks are still an infant technology, and I can’t afford the T-Mobile Sidekick plan anyway. That Palm Tungsten is looking reeeeaaally good — but if I lose that, I would, like, totally die.

  5. Steve says:

    hehe … why don’t you bolt it to yourself or somthing … :)

  6. Nathan says:

    How cheap is cheap? Try the

    Dell Axim. I think the lower-end one is $250 or so.

    We love ours.

  7. Jesper says:

    *flaunts his m515 once more* :)

    Seriously, I think a CliĊ½ is the way to go. I’m still a little angry at them for not including a plugin that ties your shoes, but it’s still good. :)

  8. Jenn says:

    The Tungsten T is quite nifty.

  9. Rod says:

    The Tungsten T is great for picking up chicks.

    If you’re into that sort of thing…..

  10. pia says:

    sorry to hear bout your zire. still though….

    I know what you mean about the Tungsten.. it’s amazing… one client of ours had me teach him how to use it… *sigh* he just made me drool…

    but that zire71 looks amazing too… *more drools*