Another sound piece up: “ReGrove,” a one-minute remix of material digitally extracted from a five-second segment of Laurie Spiegel’s Appalachian Grove (from the OHM Electronic Music compilation). The piece isn’t really music so much as it is ambient noise, and while I’d prefer to have been more tonal in my interpretation, this will have to suffice for a quickly approaching deadline.

(Just as I finished saving this piece last night in the MA Digital Lab, the lights went out all over the block, and I was stuck in a dark building without power for about two hours. A bit freaky, but that didn’t stop me from flopping onto the couch to sleep till sunrise.)

Tonight, a lecture by new media artist Perry Hoberman. (Don’t you just love that reactionary-liberal “Impeach Bush” link?) I’ve previously linked some of my favorite work of his: the “Accept” series, a whimsical set of tongue-in-cheek exhibits about GUIs and OS culture.

I haven’t blogged much because I’ve been busy; and when not busy, the outside has been far too blissful for one to stay cooped up indoors. Sunday afternoon after church was spent atop the park at Federal Hill with Amy, working on my thesis under the trees while she did watercolors. Then, this morning, I skated to school. Lovely. (But thanks for caring, Stephen. ;)