Guest Speakers

No, I have no witty techie April Fools gimmick today. I was in the incipient stages of writing up a Google-style frontend this morning, but it looks like Metafilter has beat me to it. Maybe I’ll do something next year.

Going to a lecture tonight by Next week, Alex Galloway talks about hacking multiplayer games for fun and profit, and the following week, Perry Hoberman is giving a talk. Yes, I need to attend all those while juggling six other major art and production projects, all due within the next one to four weeks.

Hay buhay.


  1. The Dane says:

    The Google-frontend idea must not be that good an idea, ‘cuz I was going to do exactly the same thing. My other idea, to pirate other blog designs for all my Decabloggers, ended up being more work than I would have time to do this year. Think of it… As Kawai As the Samurai Barber Wants to Be!