Bob’s Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots. I hope he follows up soon with “Angry Flower Begs the Question.”


  1. DeeBeeDee says:

    It’s and Its

    Inspired by this post at brownpau.com regarding the improper usage of apostrophes, I will rant here about the biggest mistake

  2. sparticus says:

    But don’t use an apostrophe when it is possesive. It only gets an apostrophe when it is a contraction

  3. Right. Apostrophes are not used in possessive pronouns. In most cases, this is not hard to remember, because there is a difference in spelling — his, rather than he’s or him’s; hers, rather than she’s or her’s; whose, rather than who’s — but its can throw us because it has all the same letters as it’s.